Most recent:

Some Clever Title (March 2016 – Preorder)
Jasotron: 2012 (2012)
AAAA! A FoxTrot Kids Edition (2012)
The Best of FoxTrot (2010)
FoxTrot Sundaes (2010)
Math, Science and Unix Underpants (2009)
Wrapped-Up FoxTrot (2009)

Treasuries/Anthologies (Sundays in color):

Wrapped-Up FoxTrot (2009)
Jam-Packed FoxTrot (2006)
Foxtrotius Maximus (2004)
FoxTrot: Assembled With Care (2002)
Assorted FoxTrot (2000)
Camp FoxTrot (1998)
FoxTrot Beyond a Doubt (1997)
Wildly FoxTrot (1995)
Enormously FoxTrot (1994)
FoxTrot en masse (1992)
FoxTrot: The Works (1990)

Smaller collections (Sundays in b&w):

And When She Opened the Closet, All the Clothes Were Polyester (2007)
Houston, You Have a Problem (2007)
How Come I’m Always Luigi? (2006)
My Hot Dog Went Out, Can I Have Another? (2005)
Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything (2005)
Am I a Mutant, or What! (2004)
Who’s Up for Some Bonding? (2003)
Your Momma Thinks Square Roots Are Vegetables (2003)
His Code Name Was The Fox (2002)
Encyclopedias Brown and White (2001)
Death by Field Trip (2001)
Think iFruity (2000)
I’m Flying, Jack…I Mean, Roger (1999)
Welcome to Jasorassic Park (1998)
Come Closer, Roger, There’s a Mosquito on Your Nose (1997)
At Least This Place Sells T-Shirts (1996)
The Return of the Lone Iguana (1996)
Take Us to Your Mall (1995)
May the Force Be with Us, Please (1994)
Say Hello to Cactus Flats (1993)
Bury My Heart at Fun-Fun Mountain (1993)
Eight Yards, Down and Out (1992)
Black Bart Says Draw (1991)
Pass the Loot (1990)
FoxTrot (1989)

Special/Themed Collections:

AAAA! A FoxTrot Kids Edition (2012)
The Best of FoxTrot (2010)
Math, Science and Unix Underpants (2009)